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Jira Implemention with DynaTrace Appmon for Version 6.5 or Version 7


Hello friends,

what is planned from dynatrace development related to integration with jira (in version 6.5 & version 7)

Will it be necessary to have the Jira Action plugin installed or will it come out of the box with version dynatrace appmon 7.0?

Does anyone know what is planned here?

Thank you in advance. 🙂

Best regards,




Hi Christian,

appmon version 7 is already released, for it and the coming version 7.1, which is currently in EAP, you will need a plugin to integrate with Jira.

I don't think that will change either, the integration from appmon to other systems are done via plugins, weather it are official dynatrace plugins, or community developed ones.

Are there any updates to this answer? We are currently on appMon 6.5 going to 7.0 looking to find a solution to monitor JIRA.


Are you looking to monitor jira, or integrate the appmon incidents with jira?

This ticket is about the latter, monitoring Jira with appmon is possible with either appmon 6.5 or 7.

I am looking to monitor. Thank you!

Great! That you can do with appmon + uem 🙂


Jira action plugin v0.1.1 is not working using AppMon

The jira version I am working with is JIRA v7.2.3

1) permissions (user + password) in the configuration of the plugin are correct

2) no errors in the log of the jira action plugin

Incidents for which I configured the jira action plugin was triggered, but no jira tickets were created 😞

Who can help me?