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Kibana dashboard sample?


We did a quick test to connect dynatrace to elasticsearch and kibana and it went smooth.

Now the important question that comes are:

What dahsboard can be interesting to produce with those data? And specially for a business department? What can be meaningfull for them?

Please, can you share some dashboard sample?



@Dave Mauney, I think you mention some interest on that topic in a post about some index issue. Do you have idea for me or something you would kindly share with me?

Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Hi Jonathan,

I started working on different tasks and left my Kibana install in a very vanilla state. I have not created any compelling dashboards using it (yet).



Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Jonathan,

That's an interesting topic! I would love to see more dashboards from our community users. Here are some dashboards that we at Dynatrace use internally:

User action overview across all our applications

We have many applications (e.g. Community, eServices, Website, etc...) even in different system profiles. In Kibana we can create a single view that contains data for all of them.

  • Which application has the most traffic?
  • Which countries are our users from?
  • How is the user experience for our top applications?

APM Blog Analysis

Focusing on our APM blog, we can do some specific analysis on the popularity of our blog content...

  • What are the most read articles?
  • What are the referrers bringing readers to our blog?
  • How successful are our authors?

Online Documentation Landing Page Click Map

We also used the data from our PureLytics stream to find out which content on our online documentation is popular and which links never get clicked. This helped us to decide how to restructure the landing page of our online documentation and we even created a script to visualize the data from elastic for a particular page in form of a heat map (more details about that in our APM blog).

Best regards,



In a dynatrace user group (united dynatrace customers) we are working on a elastic search project. We would like to stream business transaction data to elastic search and vizualize the data in kibana. Our final goal is to obtain a powerfull multidimensional kibana report.

Below is just one example, by connection dynatrace to elastic the possibilities seems endless

First step completed: get one dimensional performance warehouse data by using the dynatrace rest web service (customer UEM response time data obtained by a tagged BT sensor) and save it into elastic, below you can see the kibana report.

Customer response times

Response times for one selected customer

Our final goal: multiple dimensional reporting, below you can see the UEM response time distribution for the top X customers, for each customer you can see the response time distribution for the top Y users and for each user you can see the response time distribution for the top Z used features. As we want a multi dimensional report we need to stream multi dimensional BT data to elastic by using an adpated version of the 'BT stream dynatrace plugin' (

Multidimensional report example

Thanks all for sharing 🙂

My colleague did start by creating one similar to the first one posted by Dominik.


We've been experimenting with the kibana dashboards. Our business users get the most interested when we use some of the new uem data collection capabilities in appmon. We've built a few test boards so marketing can see for example if they are sending users to out of stock sku pages or pages which no longer exist and may be causing a generic error.

SKU metrics board:

Generic Errors:

DynaMight Champion
DynaMight Champion

Hi guys,

Does anyone got some Kibana dashboards for easytravel data to share with (i.e. json files to be imported to Kibana).


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