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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

LDAP(s) sensor pack


We have instrumented a Java application (product, not custom made) which has a lot of connectivity to different directory services using the LDAP protocol.

I was expecting that Dynatrace AppMon would recognize the LDAP services out-of-the-box since LDAP seems a rather standard protocol.

I didn't find an LDAP sensor pack or anything like that.

My question: Should AppMon recognize LDAP connections the way it detects HTTP connections and DB connections?
If so, what could be the reason that it doesn't in this case? Maybe these connections are launched in separate daemon threads? Since it's a product, we don't have details about that.



Just found out via Dynatrace AppMon -> sensors -> browse that the Ldap-SDK library is used.

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Bert,

Actually there is no out of the box detection of LDAP. AppMon does not instrument protocols, but APIs. So visibility depends on the used LDAP API. CPU sampling may give you an idea what happends under the hood. Additional customer sensor rules will generate additional PurePath nodes then.




We don't have need for CPU sampling I guess, since the LDAP connections are already inside captured purepaths. So, that's already a good thing.

Also, using a custom sensor rule with external API defined, I managed to visualize all the LDAP stuff as one external service. An improvement already.

However, my goal would be to see all different LDAP endpoints. And since Ldap-SDK uses LDAP connection pooling, It's impossible to get the endpoint info (host:port) via the LDAPConnection interface which I capture.

Would it be possible to some fancy stuff with sensors using some development kit? Based on the tagging sensors for example. Because we can't modify the code of the application in this case.