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Large Appmon collector requirements



I have some doubts about Collector's Requirements mentioned here:

For a "Large AppMon Collectors" what is exactly needed?

  1. 4x Physical cores (min. 2.2 GHz)?
  2. 8Gb RAM if all it has the machine is the collector process (and these 8Gb is for heap). If it has other processes, you must ensure there will be 8Gb free for collector process?
  3. Another machine, with the same requirements (except for the heap that is 1Gb), for monitoring plugins?
  4. 50Gb of free disk space? (Install: 45 + Runtime data: 5). How we can know wich files of the collector installation are "install" and wich "runtime data"?
  5. The title says: "(for up to 400 Java / 250 .Net Agents)". It means that one "large collector" is able to reach up to 400 JVM AND 250 .Net agents, or only 400 JVM OR 250 .net agents? How about Web Servers?


Best regards,



Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Let me see if can help.

1- yes 4 cores are plenty

2- 8 gb for the process so make sure there is RAM for the OS too (1 gb typically). You will need to change the heap settings in the collector.ini file

3- for the monitors you would need less cores unless you are going to run a lot of monitors.

4- 50 gb is mainly for the class cache. It sounds a bit high for me. It all depends on how many agents are going to be connected and what your apps do.

5- it is 400 java OR 250 .net. For web servers you could have 1000 agents.


Thank you Flo, it's clear!