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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

License Count Plugin support for AppMon 7.0



I would like to use the License Count Plugin, but I do not know if it is supported for the latest release of AppMon 7.0. There was a complete new version for 6.5, so I suspect it is required for release 7.0.

Questions are

  • Is the latest 6.5 plugin also suitable for release 7.0
  • If not when is the plugin for 7.0 expected

We want to see the used licenses for different agent groups.

Kind regards,




Hello Christian,

The plugins are community generated so it always hard to predict if and when changes will be made to each plugin as new versions are released.

What I would suggest is to download the 6.5 version and test it with your 7.0 deployment. If you have any issues that you can add a post about it with the specific problem you are running into.


David Nicholls

Fully agree with David. In most cases plugins will just work because we havent changed the Plugin APIs. One of the reasons Plugins sometimes get re-written or re-compiled for a particular Dynatrace AppMon version is because we changed something in our Plugin SDK. But as I said above - nothing has changed from 6.5 to 7.0 - so - all 6.5 plugins should just work on 7.0

Hello David,

We applied the License Count plugin. The Java Agents are recognized successfully. However the Web Server Agents remains on 0. We have in total 8 Web server Agents running and licensed. See screenshot below

We can see clearly there are 38 Agents are licensed and Java Agents are 30. Means 8 Agents are not assigned to a Technology. Which is should actually be assigned under the web server Agents (Apache).

When checking the result from the rest call we clearly see the Apache Web Server Agents listed see screenshot below

Can someone correct the License Count Plugin so for the AppMon 7.0 version it will count correctly the Web Server Agents?

Kind regards,