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License count plugin upgrade


I used to have License
count plugin 2.0.2 on dynatrace 6.1 to generate report of licensing usage. Once
we upgraded to 6.5, the plugin doesn't work.
I Installed com.dynatrace.license.count_2.0.4.jar and ran the task, I
got plugin internal error. Also there is another schedule which I manually ran,
it says binary missing. Do I need to copy plugin binary to somewhere in Plugin
directory? Or do I need to recycle dynatrace AppMon server after install the plugin?
Any comment is appreciated.


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

There's been a lot of changes to licensing between those two versions so it's possible it just isn't compatible with the latest version though I can't say for sure. What I can say is that a lot of what the plugin was made for is now built into the product. Take a look at the license overview dashlet if you have not in addition I think there are some measures in the self-monitoring profile you can use to track what agents are connected of what type.



Thank you James for your help. I checked the license open in dashboard which doesn't have what we need:

the total number of licenses usage with different types of agents
the total number of agents in each profile with each type.

I checked the meaures in self-mon which only has UEM and total number of agents.

so I can, I still would like to use License Count plugin.