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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

License exhausted, Too many 'Host Monitoring' agents connected



we receive an email of the dynaTrace server:

License exhausted, Too many 'Host Monitoring' agents connected

How can we get rid of this? Thanks in advance.




Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Not quite sure what you're looking for but as I see it your options are:

1. Get more host monitoring agent licenses

2. Disconnect some of the host monitoring agents you currently have connected

3. Set to inactive the "License" incident under the dynaTrace Self-Monitoring system profile (this will prevent any incidents related to licenses being opened though)


Hi James

I have a similar issue when looking at agent overview dash it shows "License exhausted; Too many 'Host Monitoring' agents connected"

I only have one connected that i can see and i have one license?

i have tried restarting the service

"service dynaTraceHostagent stop" and the error went away for about 5 min but came back? any way to see who is consuming this license?


Any that are connected will show up in the agents overview - if they're connected they will be there (sort the Technology tab for SysMonitoring if you're on 7 - it may have been different like Native in other versions).

If you really only see one check your license reservations to make sure your one license is not reserved for a specific system profile or agent group.


Hi James,

Thanks for the info, apparently we do not have a host agent license?

Not sure why the host agent was installed in the first place if we had no license?

I thought we did but regardless I'm going to remove the host agent and go from there

Thanks again!