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Licensing model

In previous Dynatrace Event (event talking about the 6.3 announcement), I've heard speaking that you will suppress Agent Type in the license management (to facilitate the liences management for customers having many technologies) ?

Moreover licences should become floating even in Production ? .... this was the message...

I've installed the 6.3 but always have Agent Type quotas and in the documentation no capabilities regarding those capabilities...

What is the real status on this topic and Licence Management ?

Thanks a lot for your answer.




Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Philippe,

Thanks for your question.

Starting with Dynatrace 6.3 it is possible to move agents between pre-production and production edition and between technology form a legal point of view.

To receive a license for a Dynatrace server, you still have to choose pre-production or production server and you still have to choose the number of agents per technology.

To switch environment or technology you would need to request a new licenses form license management.

In the upcoming release (Dynatrace AppMon 7) it's planned to provide these new capabilities on a self-service basis.

Additional we introduced a usage based model on top of the existing one. Based on the license described above, you can purchase an agent hour volume. These agent hours are applied via a voucher on top of an exisitng license and can be used for any supported technology.