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Limit Capturing of Mobile App visits consumption in App Mon


May I know if there is a way to limit the percentage of visits consumption for Mobile App on App Mon? My understanding is that Customer's App will be instrumented and uploaded to the App Store thus everyone will have it.

I am trying to achieve similar function that can be found on Dynatrace SaaS -

Thank you.



Hello Linda,

Not sure exactly that how to restrict as per your requirements but just have a look into the following link for the UEM volume reservation.



Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Linda,

Right Click on System Profile to Edit it-->Go to User Experience and click on the Mobile application name-->there is a setting to limit the Mobile App Visits


Thanks Harshal. Prior to this, I only have experience controlling the UEM consumptions for Desktop & Mobile Web applications via the same method you have suggested. My concern is that once I upload the instrumented ADK, all users who download and use this App will be tracked - 100% as beacon signals would be transmitted back and processed the server. There is no specific UI to toggle/control Mobile App's visit consumption. Hence I would like to clarify if the above method is tested and works for Mobile App. Thank you.

Yes the above method will work for all Visits. The Beacons will still be send, but the server only keeps the ratio of visits you selected.

Thanks Patrick for the helpful clarification.