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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Linked Dashboards: Possible to controll Filters


I try to create some Primary-Secondary dashboard which further links to a linked dashboard.

I have a Business Transaction Dashlet as primary which shows certain business divisions of our customer. When i click on one entry the secondary dashboard shows all agents involved to this division.

Further I wanted to drill down from an agent to a custom chart Dashboard which shows CPU and Memory load. So I want to drill down from a single agent and see the Hardware metrics for this one agent. Unfortunately the filter is not only set for the agent but also for the BT which comes from the primary dashlet on the first Dashboard. This behaviour prevents the second Dashboard from showing any Data, removing the BT filter fixes the problem. Is it possible to control this behaviour somehow so the linked Dahsboard will work out of the box?




Dynatrace Helper
Dynatrace Helper


Hopefully this will work for you. If this dashboard is one that you have saved, you can try setting a "Business Transaction Filter" on each dashlet. For each chart on your saved drill-down, set the Business Transaction Filter to "Enable dashlet specific filter" and clear all entries in the list. This should save the chart with a default no-BT view. The image below is what you would want each dashlet's BT filter config to look like.

When you drill down, you should bring over every filter from the top level AND it might even carry over your BT setting to the Dashboard level, but each individual chart should be overriding the dashboard and display all data. Hope that helps!


Awesome! Works like a charme.

Thank you Andy