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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

List all missing visits / UEM


Generally our visits are working and we have more than enough available UEM licenses.
However, in some cases the server-side PurePaths are available, yet the Visit information is missing. Our business department would like to know for how many of these PurePaths is the visit information missing. Is there a way to get a list of this information? PurePaths with no attached Visit


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

I've never done this but one idea is create a user action based business transaction and as a result measure add purepath response time. Then if you charted this result measure with the aggregation of count then I expect it would be giving you the number of purepaths within those actions which would be the number of purepaths with UEM data tied to them. This you could compare to overall purepath count. Note that this is just a theory based on my understanding so no guarantees this would work.

Also note that there are plenty of valid reasons as to why purepaths would not be tied to a visit - the most common of which is if it is something like a bot/scan/or anything where there is not a real browser that the JavaScript agent can be loaded into. If the JavaScript agent can't be loaded there will be no UEM and thus no visit.



Many thanks James for your answer. I couldn't quite get the chart to make any sense. Instead, I selected all visits and drilled-down into all their purepaths; this gave me a count. Next I compared this figure with all the PurePaths for the same period. Basically, a manual workaround of your solution. The result was that about 5% of PurePaths don't have a visit connected.

As you describe, there are various reasons for not having a visit. Beyond the reasons you listed, there can also be Ad-Blockers, Do Not Track and other reasons.

Independant of the reason, I feel it would be very useful to have an easy overview of the percentage of PurePaths with visit vs Total PurePaths. This would help monitor if anything is wrong with UEM.

In this article there was also a request for a percentage: