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Loadrunner AddDynactrace Header attributes


Good Day.

Loadrunner allowes to add Dynatrace header with multiple attributes. Based on attributes used TimerName shows differently in the LoadTest Overview screen

For example: Different Page Content with same Timer name will be shown as one line Timer name with page content listed in one line with count combine for all Page content

However different script name with same Timer name will produce 3 lines with separate counts for Timer

Is there podcast or documentation which address how attribute affect Load test overview and any other reporting. Is there way to drill down Timer name to individual Page Content and/or Combine different scripts names with same timer name into one counter?

thank you



Hi Julia,

You can specify the Page Content/Context as a separate argument in your LoadRunner script. I believe if you remove the Script Name column from the Tagged Web Request's dashlet Content menu you may get the combined view for multiple scripts you are looking for.

These links may help.

Also, I think this post belongs in the AppMon & UEM Open Q&A forum and you may get a few more replies there (Select the gear at the upper-right of the post and select 'move to forum')