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Long PurePath Action




I was presented today with an End user Action PurePath which is extremely long. It contains many xhr calls but most ofthem do not show any sub web requests and On Load is only shown at the end of the PurePath. I'm trying to find clues to explain the reason for the long action and would love to hear your ideas.


Attached is a session with a sample purepath.LongAction.dts


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Could it be that these XHR Requests that are not showing any server-side purepaths are requests to 3rd party services or maybe servers that are not instrumented with dynaTrace?

Have you tried using the Browser Agent or maybe AJAX Edition to anlayze what happens on this page. The AJAX Edition or Browser Agent will show you all these XHR Requests. This will help you figure out what is really going on.


What bothers me most in this PurePath is that the OnLoad is only shown at the end and we are sure no end user have actually seen these times and was able to work on the page alot faster than the time specified there. Generally speaking, If I have a page with xhr/Jquery requests, will all of them be included in the page time always or can I set them to be a seperate client action purepath ? 

The onLoad shows the actual time when the onLoad event handler was triggered. So - even though onLoad is shown up really late it doesnt mean that the site is not interactive for users. I would definitely take a look at this with a tool such as our AJAX Edition as it wiill give you more insight into the page load events

As for your second question: the default behavior is that all these XHRs - in case they are not triggered by a special mouse, keyboard, click ... event handler will be recorded on the current page action. I assume they are executed by a JavaScript file that you load on the page. If they are triggered by other event handlers you can either confiugure our UEM Settings to also start a Page Action for that - or - you could even use our JavaScript SDK to start your own Page Actions. That however requires some JavaScript coding on your end.



I know this is an old thread, but I'm seeing something similar with one of my customers.

Basically it is an e-commerce site for a famous clothes retailer. A small percentage of the users (below 0.5%) show very bad action purepath response times (up to 50 minutes). The majority of these are on Safari mobile but a couple can be seen on IE mobile too. Having looked at the data as a whole I have to say that most mobile users are on i-phones anyway so it could be explain the large share of bad response times.

All these bad response times are only seen on the home page and the majority are bounced visits.

The action only contains an onLoad handler execution and a few include an action (X,XHR) request.

This is putting off the customer who decided to turn off UEM because they think it is related. I'm going on site tomorrow to explain that it isn't an issue but I could do with some concrete explanation .