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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Low Server Memory: Failed to load Purepaths data.



I check other post's about this problem but are outdated and not solve my problem.
I have a server with 16Gb RAM and 10 agent installed. When I analizing the purepaths (more than 7hour) show me the error. I checked the server and have 5Gb free memory during the consult.
Any Idea?



Hi Alexander,

Have you checked the sizing of the server by going to Settings > Dynatrace Servers... > Settings > Sizing tab?


Hi Dan,

Also I up the Maximum heap memory to 2Gb in Settings->Dynatrace clients.

but the problem persist 😞

Tks por your help.


Hi Alex,

The medium server setting caps the memory the server can use at 6GB. You could change the setting to Large which would allow the server to use 12GB, however that will also increase the amount of CPU the server will want to use. I can't say if you'll experience any issues or not by doing so...

I suggest reaching out to Dynatrace support here. They may be able to provide you with a way to only increase the available Memory without increasing CPU.

Hope this helps,


Dan thks.

Can I change the size if y haven't the requeriments of cpu?

And if not work can I revert changes?




You can change the size but you'll likely see CPU on your server spike to 100% utilization so I don't recommend it. If you change it you can revert the change later but if your CPU it at a consistent 100% it'll likely take a while. In the worst case you'll have to stop your Dynatrace Server Service and contact support so they can show you how to change the sizing via configuration files.


Well... I change the size and server freeze. then I shut down server and upggrade the cores to 16 (the server is a virtual machine).

And server work correctly but the Dynatrace server not work (data source is unreachable).

I restar the server and the dynatrace service but stiil not working.

How I rever sizing changes by config files?

How long has it been since your server restarted? Have you checked the Dynatrace services to make sure they're running?

If they've been running for more than say 15 minutes and the server is still not responding then I think you'll have to contact Dynatrace support so they can walk you through changing the config files manually. Here's the link to put in a ticket.