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Low front end server memory


Hi All,

We are getting Low front End server memory alerts. I saw the graph for Frontend server memory usage and the max it has reached is 32GB while we have 62GB memory available. Would this alert may caused because of pulling huge number of purepaths? How else we can troubleshoot this issue further? Please advise

Thanks in advance!


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

You should open up and post a capture of the frontend server health dashboard (under deployment health in the cockpit) around the time you get these alerts to help see if there is anything obvious. Pulling large amounts of data (e.g. PurePaths) can lead to increased memory usage especially if it's for longer timeframes.

Could it be the server host that has 64 GB available but there is less committed to the frontend server process? View your settings->sizing information to see how much is committed to the frontend process, this link has the instructions on how to find that in the client: