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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

MQ Queue Channel Monitor set up


Hi ,

I am trying to set up MQ Queue Channel Monitor. I provided Queue Manager Name,Channel Name and for host I am confused how to create one because these hosts are not HTTP based protocols. All I have is

How do I create them?



Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

To add a host you add it the way you do for other monitors. In that bottom window you can either create a new host or add an existing one either by name or IP. It shouldn't matter what protocol it is based on.

Hi James,

Please see my host configuration I did. My monitor is failing after trying to setup this way.


So taking out port number after Server name should fix it?

It's always possible there's other issues but removing the port from the host and making sure it is entered correctly in the monitor configuration would be necessary for it to have a chance of working.

I created two hosts as ESBMQL01 & ESBMQL02.

Can I delete these two hosts from list of hosts so that I want to create again with same name but without port number?

Because it will not allow me create with these names because they already exists.

The list of defined hosts can be found in the server settings -> infrastructure -> hosts tab. There you can delete or modify the existing hosts you have defined. If you do just modify the hosts there I would recommend removing them from the monitor configuration and re-adding prior to testing it.

I took out both hosts from monitor configuration and modified from Infrastructure settings but but in my case both server names are same so it is not allowing me to create a another host with same address.

Also I tried with only one host i created but still it is failing.

Did you apply the changes you made before trying to add them? Here's what you can do:

  1. Enter the list of hosts and delete any of the hosts you have already created related to this
  2. Apply the changes
  3. Search for those hosts again to make sure they are no longer there
  4. Create the hosts with the correct name (less the port)
  5. Apply the changes

I'm not clear on what you mean by the hosts having the same name - are you saying that you are trying to hit the same host with different ports or just that you are trying to re-add the hosts you had from before but it thinks they are already there?

In my case server name is same for both hosts but having different ports like and

As I am creating a host in Infrastructure settings I am able to create only one with address I cannot create another host with the same name.


If you need a different port to be used you'll need to define two instances of the MQ monitor and in one set the port as 6001 and in the other set it as 6002, you can use the same host in both monitors. Each monitor can have only one port designated.

Thanks James. It worked out for me , I created two different instances of MQ monitor and added common host. It is running now.



I able to chart all measure but few measures like




I couldn't chart it.



If you're not able to chart it the plugin probably can't pull that data for some reason or another. It could be that it is accessing it incorrectly or a permissions issue. There might be some info in the logs but I am not familiar with the details of this plugin so I wouldn't be able to help with that. Any questions at that level would probably be suitable for the AppMon and UEM Plugins forum.

If the Run Reset Command indicator is false the following measures are not gathered:


Be careful with this indicator though. You should discuss with your MQ admin before setting it IMO.



Hi Dave,

I have checked box for 'Run Reset Command' and my monitor is running but still I am not able to chart them.


Hi Rajani,

Checking it will attempt to run the reset command, but your MQ login probably will lack that access as it is more of an admin type feature. You should coordinate with your MQ admin to determine if your MQ login should be allowed to do that, and if the admin agrees it is acceptable for your login to do that, as there are consequences of running that command.

The log for the MQ plugin (which you can access via the collector it runs on, via the System Information dashlet) may provide some clues as to whether the reset failed.




What is MQ login? Is it something I should provide in "Authenticate" filed in settings of Monitor?

What are the consequences of running this command?

When you check Authenticate, it will prompt for user and password. I mean the user you are using to login with. If you are not logging in, I am pretty sure you cannot do a reset. Your MQ admin can explain the consequences and decide whether or not to allow it for the monitor.

So if I contact my MQ admin and they agree to provide us the username and password and I run the monitor then I should be able to chart those measures, right?

Yes, if they also agree to give that user permission to run reset statistics. Just be sure you let them know that you need to run it in order to get some measures you need and see if they are ok with it.

Thanks Dave. I will reach out to MQ admin on Monday and I will share my results.

Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Don't include the port number in the host name, that is specified independently in the configurations at the top. Most plugin monitors (including the standard URL monitor) work this way. The port is appended to the hostname at runtime.