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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Maintaining multiple agent versions


We are planning to migrate from dt6.3 to dt7.0.
We have about 600 agents in our environment and all are not migrating on the
same day. We will have both 6.3 and some 7.0 agents in our environment for some
time. What are the different ways to accomplish this and what is the best way?


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro


The 6.3 agents will still send data back to the upgraded 7.0 collectors and AppMon Server as per the compatibility matrix, so you don't necessarily need to get them all upgraded in one change window/day:

You can also take a look here on how to upgrade the agents:

Not sure on your companies change standards, but here's the way I usually handle it. I let the .NET and Java agents upgrade automatically upon next application recycle, just notifying the application team that this is expected and they will need to verify the app and agent health after recycle (usually will occur within a week or two depending on automated app recycle or app release). For Web Server Agents, a recycle of the agent process/service is needed before the app is recycled to upgrade the agent. I notify the app team that this action is required and they usually will perform this during their next open change window or schedule it during the next app recycle.

While this strategy takes some time to get all of the agents to the newest version (usually less than a month, depending on schedules), it is the least amount of coordination needed with all of the app teams, and the older agents will still report data until the upgrade occurs.

I have also done non prod systems in which all of the recycles were done in one day (to verify that the change would not have any adverse effects on the applications), but there was a lot of coordination needed with the app teams.

Hope this helps!



Thank you for the quick reply that answers a lot of our concerns. Just one quick there a way to disable automatic update on agents with application recycle after server and collector migration/upgrade and manually upgrade on a desired date?



It's not recommended to keep components at old version for long periods of time due to lack of ability to update to new hot fixes if issues occur. However, there are a few options to prevent an auto upgrade.

You can disable auto updates (i.e. to on all agents:

You can disable auto upgrades (i.e. 6.3 to 6.4) on all agents with the migration tool:

You could also not upgrade the collector groups that connect to the agents you don't want to upgrade until you're ready. This will prevent the agents from automatically getting upgraded.

There also is a possibility to change the agent to only use the core agent files and not use bootstrapper, however, this requires a manual change on each agent.

Hope this helps,



Thank you Jason!


Hi Jason

We like to move all apps to newer version as soon as possible. But our company standard is to test all the apps possible with the new Dynatrace version in an release testing env. We have had multiple Prod issues with earlier DT versions on some of our Business critical apps. So that making us to do this controlled Tested release. For which we are looking for clear step process ..

In Automatic agent updates link -

we see an option

1 . Clear Automatically update Agents to latest version check box.

And we see Control Update rollout in the link

Are these two steps are enough as an option for major upgrade like 6.3 to 7.0 ? OR Is it only applicable for minor version upgrades?




To clarify, the checkbox for Auto update agents only applies to smaller updates, not a full major version upgrade (i.e. 6.4 to 6.5).

To stop the agents from upgrading in a major upgrade, you would want to utilize the parameter in the migration tool noted here: