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Manual Appmon Agent uninstall/cleanup on Windows


AO teams at our customer are currently uninstalling Appmon agents. We have received feedback from some that after a "successful" uninstallation on Windows, a few agents are still running and visible in the services control panel. However, the uninstaller has disappeared.

Is there a way to manually remove/uninstall all components and integration of Appmon agents on Windows when the uninstaller is missing?

The agents that display this issue are so far only host agents.


If all files are properly deleted and you don't see anywere agent binaries, this may be some issue with Registry. Maybe some old entries are kept there. You should try this tutorial about deleting service manually.

What is interesting that some services are still running. Check Program files (32 and 64bit) and look for binaries. If there are still some files, maybe you've had installed multiple agent versions somehow...


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

You might also try a simple reboot. After all it is Windows and an amazing number of issues are cleared up by a simple reboot.