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Many applications can be defined in a single System profile? Will it effect in visits dashlet


Hi All,

I want visits dashlet to show visits in locations-wise.

1.Can I define many applications by giving different urls.

2.One over all applications. Ex: Total

3. Locationwise Eg:US

4.Location-wise Eg:Europe

Is it enough defining here System Profile -> Applications

Thanks & regards

Karthikayini M



Hello @Karthikayini M.,

Yes you can define many applications by providing different URLs or Regex matching the URL .

Please make sure that URLs or regex results do not overlap across different Applications.

I have defined about 50 different applications in one single system profile.

Regarding point number 2 : please elaborate more on what you mean by overall application. do you need to fetch the count of total applications?

Regarding 3 & 4 : do you wish to define the IP subnets against each location ?


Himanshu Mor

HI @himanshu m.,

Thanks for the reply.

1.I think from your answer , we cant define urls overlapping with each other.

That is what my question too.

2. Having similar applications type, but location wise urls only changed.

3. So thought of defining all urls as single over all applications and naming the applications location wise too.

4. Subnetting ip address means user ip address? How to define it.

Thanks & regards

Karthikayini M

Hello @Karthikayini M. ,

1) Technically appmon will not prompt/stop you in case you want to define Overlapping URL.

I just mentioned not to do so as a recommended way to segregate data application wise.

But if in your specific scenarios , you need to see data of same URL under different applications , you can define that as appmon will not prompt to stop you.

I am not sure how accurately appmon will report this data> please share the results once you define this way

2) & 3) Yes you can do that as technically it is possible.

Please evaluate your scenarios from a long term perspective so that you do not need to change your convention later on.

4) Let me check and confirm you later on this


Himanshu Mor

Hi @himanshu m.

Thanks for the reply.

Thanks & regards

Karthikayini M