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Map Database agent in a particular system profile


Hi All,

I want to create database dashboard in webUI. Currently I am not able to do so as Database agent is mapped to Infrastructure/Database profile.

Database measures in the system profile does not returns

any value. I can see under infrastructure/databases



Hello Aftab,

We can see the database measures in the WebUI under the system profile with the return data (e.g. Active Session Count). Our appmon version is 6.5.11.



In order to use DB Agent data in the WebUI, the DB Agent needs to match a database connection used by the application. For example, if your application is connecting to a database on host host1 (you can check that in the Database dashlet, where all detected queries are listed) than your DB Agent needs to be configured to connect to host1 too.

Hope that helps.



Thanks Wiktor for help. I have changed connection string for DBagent and now I can see DB metrics.

Another Question - our application uses more than one connection string.

DB metrics that I am seeing should be for all session regardless of connection string as it is pulled from V$ tables.

However I can not generate SQL execution plan of the SQLs that are executed using connection string other than what is configured in DBagent.

Any workaround for this?