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Max throughput for a business transaction?


I know there is a business transaction tile in the web dashboards that shows you throughput(count per minute) as an exact number. Is there a way to get this in the client with reportable metrics? We have applications who usage is roughly 7am-7pm so comparing counts for all day won't really tell me our highest throughput we reached during a time frame for say a weeks time. Is there a way to tell highest throughput during a given time frame for a business transaction?



Hello Mr. Kemp

I hope I understood your question completely, please tell me if I am not there.

I believe you want to chart the max value for a timeframe of one week?

1. If you chart your BT for your desired value you can change the timeframe to the last 7 days.

2. After this you can change your measures to Max

3. Change your chart type to meter chart in order to graph your max value of a selected timeframe

From here your chart should be displaying your max values over a specified timeframe (Shown Below)

*Please note that chart resolution has a big part in the monitored time frames. For a week timeframe the lowest resolution is 15 minutes.



So the issue with this is that I am looking for throughput so that would be the count. Changing an aggregation type for the BT will change the result from the count metric to something else(changing to Maximum returns a ms result even if the count BT is added to the dashlet).

A meter chart works if I want to see count total over the last 7 days and just say my average throughput during that time frame is count/10080 to give me a per minute count. This however will not represent a valid picture of our throughput during busy times just that full duration.

For example if I know that our count for 7 days was 60000, then count/10080 is 5.95/minute, but if I knew we only get transactions from 7a-7pm then my throughput for work hours is actually 11.90/min. This also doesn't represent throughput during our busiest times, only the average throughout those day. I could just make guesses like this but I was hoping since they had a throughput metric for web dashboards that their may be a way to do this via the client. I am not even sure if there is a specific metric for throughput in the client or if this is just something they coded only for the web dashboards.


I do also understand that there is a throughput graph that exists on the BT page in the monitoring section but this does not give me a specific I can report on(even though it is graphed), only a graph that can be reviewed to try to find the highest throughput we reached during a given time.



Assuming you're charting a count measure, set the chart aggregation to sum -- so each data point on the chart will show you the total for that time period (e.g., 15 minutes). You'll be able to visually identify the maximum from the chart, and you can add the sum and maximum columns to the table below the chart to get the total number of transactions for the dashboard period, as well the number of transactions during the busiest (e.g.) 15 minutes.

-- Graeme

When I do count the highest peak I see is around 17:

Then if I change aggregation for that series to Sum it changes it to MS as the unit:

The charts are basically the same, do I need to be changing this unit to minutes?


Your screenshot links are broken, so I can't be sure but it sounds like you're charting a response time measure, or similar, rather than a count measure. Are you trying to collect transaction counts for a business transaction? If so, when you add the measure to the chart, you should select the "Count" measure.

-- Graeme

I am selecting count. I go to new chart>add series>select BT> Select the count measure>click add.

All I do now is right click on the BT and set aggregation to Sum and i get this:

Thanks for the help on this Graeme


Hi Jared,

Per default the Count measure in a Server side PurePath based Business Transaction is the measure PurePath response time in the aggregation count. This is where we are calculating the throughput from. However throughput in this way is not "chartable" in your custom charts. ou can only chart the count aggregation from your default configured BT. This is also the reason why when you change the aggregation in a custom chart, your unit changes from num to ms.

So if you want to see the maximum over a week, I suggest you follow Graeme's suggestion to chart your count measure in a week timeframe in e.g 15 min resolution. This will then tell you what was the 15 minute time period over the last week when you saw the highest throughput. Would this be what you are trying to achieve?

Alternatively you can add a count measure to calculate results. But be careful, if you this to a BT you are using for calculating the baseline, this will disable the calculation. So if you go for this option, you can copy your original BT and add the count measure to calculate results (be aware that this BT will start collecting the data only from the moment you have created it).

Hope this helps.

Kind regards, Martina