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May 2017 Release


Will the AppMon agents and bootstrap versions be upgraded in the May release? When will release documents be available for this release?


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

To upgrade the bootstrap version you essentially have to reinstall the agent with the newer version, this can't be updated during an upgrade as far as I'm aware.

GA date for May 2017 release is still planned for May 30th but if blockers come up this could be moved and I expect documentation to be released right around this time. I'm sure they're still updating that as well.



I'm guessing too it will be a recommendation to move from a 6.x bootstrap version to a version 7 bootstrap. So an "upgrade" will more than likely be something similar to a new "install".

Recommended but not required and it can be held off for later. If you'd like to take advantage of any features that come from the upgraded bootstrap then yes essentially a new install is required. I'm not certain what specifically comes in this version but for instance, being able to restart master web server agents from the client is one feature in the past that has required an up to date bootstrap agent. Most features just rely on the 'standard' agent version being up to date which is done automatically during installation.

Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Bill & James,

as you guessed correctly there will be (of course) new versions of Agents and Bootstrap Agents.

however, the good news is: you don't have to upgrade the Bootstrap Agents at all! Every 6.x Bootstrap Agent will be perfectly fine and working without any feature limitations!

HTH, Christian

Awesome! Should probably try to get some of our 5.X bootstap agents upgraded at some point though... 🙂

actually we're also thinking about supporting Bootstrap Agent Versions before 6.0 with the full feature set, because there are just still so many out there.

however, due to limited resources for testing we settled for Bootstrap versions 6.0+ right now and might extend this support to even earlier Bootstrap versions e.g. in a 7.0.x update.

Excellent, thanks for the update!


Thank you for the information. We've got a mix of bootstrap agent versions...6.2, 6.3, and 6.5.

We are working on planning our DT upgrade and looking forward to using v7. Speaking of agents, when will OneAgent be the defacto agent for AppMon?

More information/documentation is coming soon, but for now there's a OneAgent for AppMon, a OneAgent for Dynatrace, and a OneAgent for PaaS which is used in restricted environments for Dynatrace.

it's heavily depending on the technology, which OneAgents will be available and become default at what point in time. e.g. for web server agents it will be sooner than for .NET which will most probably be sooner than for Java.

but as Joshua already said, there will be more information in the documentation soon.