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Measure health: high number of measures



I open the "Measure Health" dashboard and I check the "Top Contributors (Business Transaction)" graph. 
In this graph there is a BT with a high number of measures which increases day after day. However there is no name concerning this BT! The pseudo name is [profileName->Cleva_PROD,btName->]

How can I identify the right BT?


Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

Hi. Can you see any log messages in the Server Log file that would indicate which BT this might be? If you look at your BTs in your Sytem Profile - do you see any BT that was accidently renamed? Are there any BTs with names that contain any special characters?


Hello Andreas 

Thank you for your feedback,i got some questions:

-> Screenshot "Measure Health - clear old measure" : by using SQL script I have removed some old BTs ->ok
-> Screenshot "Measure Health - unknown measures still there": Ko 
-> Screenshot "clean up after measure explosion": this script does not delete any records
-> Screenshot "which measure has the highest number of dynamic instances": once unused measures have been removed, see the main measures still present in Perf Warehouse. All measures are linked with a normal BT

We still have the same issue. So how to manage or remove the measures attached to an unknown BT?

Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

Hi Demba. As you are working for our support organization I suggest you reach out to the engineering team so that they can give you some guidance on solving that problem. It may require you to go directly to the database. But - please reach out to our technical team and get their view on it

Hi Andreas

You're right , i will check with Tier 2.

Thanks your always help.



The SQL result shown in the first screenshot already contains the answer to the initial question. The measures shown here are created by BTs. You should find BTs with a related name. You can then disbale the BT or refine it. Right-clicking the BT and choosing "remove measures" allows you to delete the measures from the DB.


Hi Andi,


I know this is an old post, but i am facing the similar issue where in doesn't show me what is the BT which is increasing day by day exponentially (it is currently at 800,000 measures), which is causing our /data on the DB to reach 100%, there causing issues.

I have submitted a support ticket but i still didnt get any proper answer on this. Can you please help us identify the BT, so we can disable it and avoid any further issues?



Thanks in advance!




I the screenshots above, you can see a chart labeled "Top Contributors (Business Transactions)".  If you hover over one of the data points, it will give you the name of the business transaction that is generating a high number of measures.

You can get to this data from the Start Center -> Monitoring tab.  I believe the exact dashboard you want to see the "Top Contributors" chart depends on the version of Dynatrace you have, but in 6.2 it's in "Measure Health".

If you can't find it in the dashboards on the Monitoring tab, let us know your Dynatrace version and I'll get more precise directions.

-- Graeme


Hi Graeme,

Thanks for responding to my post

I was talking about the "Top Contributors(BT)" dashlet  under the "measure Health" dahboard, but just like you said if i hover on one of the data points on the graph with more number of measures, it gives me the below details.

As you can see there is no btName specified here, which is what i want to know. How can i find BT name? Why is not showing me in the name in this dashboard?


Measure:    Business Transaction Measure Count [profileName->STARS Production,btName->] <all-applications>

Source:    [<all-applications>] (profileName->STARS Production, btName->)

Value:    946643

Aggregation:    Maximum

Scale:    x1

Time:    Thu, 2015-May-14 11:00 - 12:00



Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

It is strange that the bT name doesnt show up here. It should. I guess the only option you have is to work with our support colleagues. They should be able to tell you which BT is the problem by executing some SQL statements against the database itself. I see this as the only viable option if the self-monitoring measure doesnt give you the value


Hi @Andreas G.

I think it's a good idea to include in this discusion my case regard to measure maintenance, however old this post is.
I'm wondering if there is a way to clean up specific measures in the Performance Warehouse, taking into account that the main contributor is a Business Transaction Measure whose BT was already deleted. I'm also interested to know if this is an issue that must concern me. I thought that deleting the BT and all related measures in the Appmon Server Config will delete its data in the Performance Warehouse. The appmon installation is almost new (ver 6.5) and a single mistake declaring a splitter BT caused this measure explotion that I can't fix it with standard procedures, or at least I didn't be able to find the solution in the documentation.
Here is the Measure Health Dashboard that shows that one single measure has much more data stored than others, and particulary that measure isn't useful anymore.