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Measure of threads count


Hi, I would like to know how to use these measures:

Thread Count (Java Virtual Machine)  - the count is live/active thread count or the count assigned to JVM?

WebSphere - Thread Active Threads - does the count represent active thread count? how would I know useable/free threads available?

Current Thread Count (under Process Performance) - is this one for windows system? is the count of active/live?


Thank you.




Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru


The Current Thread Count (under Process Performance) are the actual OS threads that the JVM Process uses in the moment. It is the total acount ignoring whether they are active/idle/wait/... -> this would be the same value as if you use task manager or process explorer in windows and check the number of threads for java.exe

Thread Count (JVM) gives you the total number of Java Threads - again ingoring the actual thread state. you will get ALL of them

As for WebSphere. Here we pull in the JMX Metric threadPoolModule.ActiveCount. You can see this when you edit the measure. based on this page which i found through google ( it seems that the definition is: The number of concurrently active threads Note: The ActiveCount value can include a count for a long-running thread that is used for asynchronous I/O.  Under these circumstances, it is possible that even when there is no apparent activity on the thread pool, the ActiveCount value will never reach zero

hope this helps


@Andreas, What kind of aggregation do we need to use for JVM thread count?