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Measure to count the number of invocations with limit.


Hi all,

I have one dashboard with one measure counting the number of invocations to one method splitted by the agent who makes the call and I want to see only the agents with more than 5 calls, how can I do that?



Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Josep,

For this scenario, the thought that comes to mind is to create a business transaction. Under Results i would use your original measure you mentioned, under FILTER i would copy that same measure and have a threashold of greater than or equal to 5 (the count rule you want). and then finally split by agent. So you would have all agents listed that have an invocation of that method more than 5 times. Hope this helps.

Hi Nathan,

that was my first try but doesn't work for several reasons, one of them is because the split by agent only shows me the pure path starting agent, not the calling method agent.



More than 5 calls in the timeframe or in any given period on your
chart? For instance, does setting a lower Y-axis bound on your chart of
5 eliminate enough noise?

The other thing you might do which is
not a perfect recreation of what you describe but might perform the
same job is to use a pie chart instead, which will take the top x
entries (configurable) and spell them out but put the remaining agents into an "other" bucket

Hi Rick,

the option 1 (setting a lower Y-axis bound) doesn't work for me because I want to sent with one report only the table part (without the values lower than 5):

the option 2 is not suitable too because I need to send only de table part.

Thanks for your suggestions!

The image

I see. Sorry, I'm not sure there's a way to do that. Hopefully someone else can assist, and I will continue to think about this as well

Hi Rick,

thanks a lot for your help and your time!