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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Measuring Perceived Performance


UEM provides the ability to measure the user's perceived performance of a page. IN the setup it mentions that this measures the performance of images. However the pages I am monitoring may contain other data such as tables. In that case I am thinking it would be better to use W3C User timing API and measure it that way? For example, inserting a timing mark after the HTML table code. Basically I want to know when that element is rendered in the browser.


Hi Joe,

If I understand what you're looking for correctly I think the measure you're looking for is Document Interactive. This is basically when the page has been loaded enough the the end user can start to interact with it. Here's some documentation on the W3C metrics you can get.

Hope this helps,



Hi Dan. I am looking to use the W3C metric on user timing found here:

Hmm so are you trying to start the user timer before a specific table and end it after a table then collect that variable with App Mon? Is that it?


Just to clarify I want to measure at what point the element appeared in the user's browser. This is achieved by using this spec. Since the element I am tracking is a table as opposed to an image it doesn't appear the Dynatrace feature could be used here. However I can track this using W3C User timing but not sure if Dynatrace outputs this. I am thinking it should be able to. Basically I would insert a timing mark below the element such as a table or text. For example,<script> performance.mark(mark name goes here)</script>