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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Memory & CPU of a server is High Most of the time- How can Dynatrace appmon Help to Identify the root cause of the issue


Team ,

I have an application (windows Based) where I have Installed DT Appmon agent.

Since last week Memory & CPU of this server is High Most of the time.

My application team is asking me

- How can Dynatrace appmon can Help to Identify the root cause for CPU/memory Utilization issue.

Anyone can help me here ?



Hello Murali,

You have a few options here, you can open the Response Time Hotspots dashlet in the chart on the left it shows you hotspots by tier, If you hover over the different shading for each tier, it will tell you whether it was CPU, Suspension, Synch, Wait or I/O. You can click on the one with high CPU contribution and see which methods are contributing a large numbers of CPU cycles.

If you go into the Diagnose Runtime section of the system profile, you can also run a CPU sample to get a deep dive view of the methods that are contributing high CPU cycles. This is meant to be run when you know there are high contributions and provide a breakdown by each method.

Here is some documentation on the CPU Sample:


David Nicholls

For memory, there are memory dumps which are also available in the Diagnose Runtime section. Here is some documentation for the memory dump:


David Nicholls