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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Memory Dump not properly triggerred

For one of the agent in production DT 6.1 version, memory dump was triggered due to GC but description shows as "A memory snapshot has been triggered but a problem occurred while creating it.".

On checking logs, we could find the below, please advise the reason for this issue.

2017-03-01 00:21:27 INFO [MemoryDumpManager] created OOM Incident for AST-SCU_tomcat-bxp-TPC-production_smartcalculator-prod-_rhw6p0c@rhw6p0c:5928. A memory dump has been triggered.

2017-03-01 00:22:25 WARNING [MemoryDumpTaskHandler] New state 'finished' does not match expected state 'postProcessing'

2017-03-01 00:22:25 INFO [MemoryDumpTaskHandler] Finished creating memory dump for agent AST-SCU_tomcat-bxp-TPC-production_smartcalculator-prod-_rhw6p0c@rhw6p0c:5928

2017-03-01 00:22:25 WARNING [MemoryDumpTaskHandler] Unable to switch to new state 'finished' because dump task has already finished

2017-03-01 00:22:25 WARNING [MemoryDumpTaskHandler] Memory dump canceled or failed for agent AST-SCU_tomcat-bxp-TPC-production_smartcalculator-prod-_rhw6p0c@rhw6p0c:5928


Dynatrace Mentor
Dynatrace Mentor

Based on the states in the logs, I think there may be a problem with post-processing. I'd recommend turning off 'Automatically post-process memory snapshot' under 'Options' (refer to screenshot attached), and try and take the dump again. If the issue persists, I'd say open a support ticket.

Hi Kayan,

Thanks for your reply!!

It seems the dump was generated when Application Process Out-of-Memory incident was triggered for the agent based on the settings in the Agent group. In this case, how we can disable the Automatical Post-process options.