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Memory Problems Detected in Host Information


In Host Information (AppMon 6.5), we are seeing the below error message in Memory.

During the last 15 minutes this host reported 10% (or less) and 1 GB (or less) available.

We are unable to identify the root cause. What we are seeing is Pages Fault Per second were at 2-6 during the last 15 minutes.

Any suggestions to identify the culprit? Thanks!



Hello N N.,

From the information you provided we can rule out a hard page fault issue with the host considering the value was less than 20 over a 15 minute interval. I would recommend first identifying if the memory issue is due to 1) Free memory < 10% OR 2) Free memory is < 1GB. You can chart the amount of memory utilized by the process (Your application) to reference how much of the available memory of the host is being consumed by the application. If you see that the application is consuming a majority of the host memory and are not aware of why we can perform one of two options (or both in some cases).

Trending Snapshot: These contain information about classes, instance counts and shallow sizes.
Leak-Analysis Snapshot: These contain information about classes, the individual instances, references between instances and the individual instances GC size.

For more information please see:

The below response is information you may be aware of, I would just like to reference it for anyone that may view this topic.

Definition of a host considered unhealthy in terms of memory performance we monitor a few things.

1). Host utilization of memory: If the host reports free memory < 10% of the total then this incident is triggered.

2). Host free memory: If the host reports < 1GB free memory then this incident is triggered.

3). Hard Page Faults: We monitor the average number of hard page faults that occur on the host. If this number is greater than 20 over a period of 15 minutes then this incident is triggered.