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Memory settings


Hi all,

in my new AppMon 7.1 installation the Sizing tab says we've 62,8Gb available:

and if I select the option Large with 64GB the server doesn't start because they doesn't have enough memory,

But If i check the memory in the server I see 64Gb:

Why? I need to configure the sizing Large with 64Gb....

Regards, Josep Mari


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Josep Mari,

technically, one GB would be 1024 MB. In your free -m output, you can see that you have 64257 MB which divided by 1024 gives 62.75 GB as stated in our config dialog.

If you call free -g, you'll see that this value is correct. Maybe you could ask the hardware / vmware admins to get you some more megabytes RAM (64GB would mean 65536 MB). Best regards,


ohhhh, you're right.

Thanks Peter!

Hi Peter,

with top and meminfo I see 65799 MB:

maybe because these commnads include memory mapped by hardware devices?

so, to start dynatrace with one large64 option we need the 65536 MB displayed by free -m?


Hi Josep,

these are all actually the same value:

65799720 kB = 64257.54 MB = 62.75 GB
whereas 64G would give

64 GB = 65536 MB = 67108864 kB

We use the OperatingSystemMXBean to query the total system memory which is pretty likely to return this same value. Let me know if you need more details, cheers,