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Metaspace utilization in percentage.


I want to get percentage figure of current metaspace usage in java 8. Is there any preexisting measure which I can use to get this information? If there is no measure then, is there any formula derived or can be derived to get the metaspace utilization in percentage?


Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

You can create a Java Virtual Machine -> Memory Pool Measure. In that measure definition you can select "Memory Pool". In that drop down you will find "Metaspace" for those JVMs that support that space


Thanks Andreas. It works.


Hello Andreas, I created my measure just like you descibed and I am calculating this for all of my agents (over50) in my system profile but only 4 got the results for that measure and I can't seem to pint point the difference in those agents. Is there something else I might be missing? or something they need to turn on on the JVM side?

Measure Def:

Measure Detail:

Measure Result:

We are running version 6.2 with the latest SP.

Thanks in advance for the help.

Erick Zarate Brambila

Please check the dynatrace agent log file. you should find an indication why we cant query that data. Possible explanation is that these 46 JVMs that dont return any data run with different JVM options and therefore dont provide that data