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Meter color change with thresholds?


I have some database measures that I am providing as part of an over all health view for our sharepoint administrator. Specifically database sizes are not supposed to go over 200gb but they want to keep an eye on the growth over time for this. I know we have a stoplight that can be used but they want to see sizes of these 15 databases in one main view and feel that adding stop lights is too busy. Is there a way to adjust my meter color based on thresholds being reached?


Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

I do not believe you can do what you want with traffic light colors.  Have you considered a dynamic measure matrix with visualizations?

Simple example with PurePath count, avg, min, max:


This makes the lights small, but still readable for each entry.  And the bar and value is a nice visualization, too.




well just to be sure we are on the same page I am wanting color adjustments for the meter chart, and not the traffic chart. I want it to be a green meter then when it reaches the upper warning turn orange then red for severe warning. I have it showing thresholds regardless but he would like the color.

The dynamic measure matrix is rather cumbersome for what I need it for. I am getting the data via the db query monitor so it duplicates each line when I add the measure so when I have 15 measures added they are duplicated out to 30. This is especially so since each of these is a different monitor that need to be created to get it's individual measure which may be a partial flaw in my design for this use. Since I cannot adjust columns and rows in the layout my final measure matrix would be 30 rows down and 15 across each with their own value in a downward slope.

Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

I see now, but also do not think there is a way to do it with meter colors.

Have you thought about creating incidents (or maybe you already have them) and using an aggregated traffic light so you can get the single visual and the details when you hover if it is not a green check mark?


I have created incidents for alerting and aggregation. Really the person I am doing this for has been picky in their request of how they look at it day to day which is why I was asking about meters.