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Method - Argument BT Evaluation/Splitter not outputting values from MQDestination.put



In the Sensor Configurations for a set of Agent Groups I have enabled the 'Capture message contents' for the MQSeries sensor pack. This is now exposing the Message Contents for the the, method. (See screen shot)

What I was wanting to do was then use a BT Evaluation/Splitter: Method - Argument to expose the contents and use a Transformation RegEx to just pick a particular are of the message that I'm interested in.

But the of the contents of the argument "" are not being picked up by the BT. Is there a reason? Does this need an explicit Sensor against the Put Method for the BT to see the Message data?



Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Message contents like that are the one exception to the rule that we don't capture any payloads. Even so, you cannot do anything with the message contents besides view it in the details; it cannot be used for measures or business transactions in any way unfortunately.


Thanks. I was afraid of that and it's very disappointing as there's some very useful info in that message that's not exposed elsewhere.

Is this level of interrogation available with the OneAgent on Dynatrace (Not AppMon)?

No - main reason I assume is a combination of overhead in storing that amount of data coupled with privacy concerns as opposed to any technical reason. Apart from this example here we really don't blanket capture payloads.