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Migrate a 6.1 database from PostgreSQL to Oracle

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro


Did anyone ever migrate dynaTrace 6.1 database from PostgreSQL to Oracle? If so, do you have step by step instructions for it?

I'd assume that the easiest way is to run pg_dump to get the data into a flatfile and then load it in using a query or a tool. Does anyone have the queries to load it into the new Oracle database?

Thanks in advance!




Hey Mike,

just talked to one of our engineers. Sadly we don´t have any instruction or script here in Linz at the core.

I can only hope that one of our field engineers has experience with that and chime in.

The measly thing I can add: If you want to check how things map from PG to Oracle you could hook up the Server to the Oracle instance and let it create the schema.

If the DBA would rather have the schema creation script we could possibly arrange for it in exchange for his experience. 😉

In general the DB doesn´t use any nearwhere exotic features (the most elaborate being partitioning), so if you got some tool that does some direct mapping (instead of e.g. some CSV export / import) this might be less errorprone.

Me being Mr. Pragmatic asks: Do you really want / need the PG data in Oracle or just want to switch between the DBMSes / hook a spare Frontend Server to PG for analysis?! I´m sure sales will be forthcoming, cuz Oracle sounds like more... <g> 😉



Thanks for your Answer Guenter!

The schema creation script is already in the installation, but the idea is indeed to let dynaTrace create the schema. It would be nice to load it in without having to type all the code manually, does anyone have any experience with a specific export/import tool to handle the migration?

indeed need to get the data out of the PG database as it there are more
and more performance issues the more data and measures get written in
there. Oracle is the in-house database so all experience is with Oracle.
The idea is to keep the data in an in-house supported database for performance monitoring/maintenance and for things like backups.

I was just made aware by our DB engineer that there is some internal doc for PG to Oracle.

If you want to have a peek at it, please send a mail to

Please mind that we cannot make any promises for functionality, express or implied!