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Migrating Collector to Azure, leaving the agents in house. Is there a way to direct the agents without having to manually reconfigure each of them?


We are reviewing migrating many applications to the Azure cloud. I understand I can install my 6.5 appmon out in Azure just like it was done internally. Once I have installed it in the Azure cloud, all of my existing clients connecting to AppMon internally will need to be pointed to the Azure instance. Do we need to manually touch each of our installed base instances with the new cloud collectors?

Thanks for your time.



Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Short answer: Yes, you'll have to update the agents so they know about the new Collector.

However: I'm concerned about the latency between your agents and Azure, unless your agents are monitoring an app that's also in Azure. Remember that the collector needs to be 'close' to the agents from a latency and bandwidth perspective.