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Migrating users from dT 5.x to 6.0

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro



When migrating a customer from 5.6 to 6.0 I came across the following problem.

Due to improved encryption of user passwords in the new release, users cannot just be migrated by copying them over from the user.permissions.xml.toBeMigrated file to the user.permissions.xml file. When you do that, upon a server restart the file will be defaulted as the xml cannot be validated.

This is how the user element looks like in v6:

Notice the separate password child element.

In v5.x (and I assume older as well), this element looked like this:

The password is just an attribute of user.

This is how I migrated the users to v6:

  1. Create a test user inside the dT 6 install (using the client) and give this user a default password. Apply the config
  2. Open user.permissions.xml of the dT 6 install
  3. Copy over the groups and roles if there are any from the user.permissions.xml.toBeMigrated (if using the migration tool, otherwise locate the file in the 5.x installation)
  4. Copy over the users
  5. For each user, remove the password attribute 
  6. Locate the test user you created in step 1, and copy over the password element
  7. Paste it inside each user element 
  8. Alternatively you can leave out the password element completely, basically giving the account no password. This might be a security hazard though.
  9. Restart the server.


This is not ideal as each user now has to change their password, however it is certainly better than recreating each user.

I have also checked with support whether there is a better way than this. I will update this topic as soon as I know.







This is not good. Editing each user entry is impossible.

If we use LDAP based groups then we can avoid moving users and will get created next time users login to the system.




actually the server should convert the old format to the new one on the fly. We have to look into this special case why it is not working there. I have notified the team in charge, and see you are already in contact with them.

KR, Arno

Hi Arno,

Any update on this?

Thank you,


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

I reported this issue internally here. I reopened it to investigate.

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

I now understand the issue here. The new supposed way to migrate the users and this file is – after using the migration tool – to replace any existing (default-version) user.permissions.xml with the (old-version) user.permissions.xml.tobemigrated in the target DT Home. The final name should be user.permissions.xml of course. Then everything works fine and it will be this case with the new 6.1 migration tool.

The migration way documented here can run into trouble, as 5.6 file-format excerpts are copied into what the server assumes the 6.0 format which likely lead to the problems here.