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Migration command from One Server to Another Server


HI All,

I am aware that we use below command to upgrade from one version to another version in the same server .

java -jar dynatrace-migration.jar -migration -sourceDTHome "C:\Program Files\dynaTrace\dynaTrace 6.5" -targetDTHome "C:\Program Files\dynaTrace\Dynatrace 7.0"

Can anyone tell how to copy configurations from one server (host1111) to another(host4444)

my doubt is where to add host1111 and host4444 in the above command. because above command is for migrating in same machine. How about in diffetent machines

How to mention source and destination path to run above migration jar file.

Thanks a lot in advance.


Karthikayini M


DynaMight Leader
DynaMight Leader

You can you exactly the same command for exporting and importing command while upgrade to move config from one server to another in the same version.


Hi @sebastian k.

Thanks for the reply. For example I have opened the command line in the new machine host2222.

Then how to type the migration command. Please help me with the command.

java -jar dynatrace-migration.jar -migration -sourceDTHome "host1111:\C:\Program Files\dynaTrace\dynaTrace 6.5" -targetDTHome "host2222:\C:\Program Files\dynaTrace\Dynatrace 7.0"

Is the above command is correct?

Thanks & regards

Karthikayini M

Looks Ok but I think it may be easier to first create archive on one host and that copy it to new one and then import. But if network is configured correctly it may work as well.