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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Migration from 6.1 to 6.2 license

We are getting ready to migrate from 6.1 to 6.2 and had a question about migration of the license. My procedure is to deactivate the current license in the dt client and then install the new version and use the dt migration tool... My question is concerning the license as it is a 6.1 license do I need to get a 6.2 license if so what's the procedure for doing that?


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

I believe you will need a 6.2 license. If you email or access the support portal ( to create a license request ticket you should be able to obtain one pretty quickly.

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

In eservices there is an option to upgrade your license, go through that process to get your new 6.2 license. You will need the old activation key as well as a unique deactivation key after you deactivate the license in the client

I should also point out if you are using UEM you will have to upgrade your vouchers as well in the vouchers tab

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

You can do this If your client has internet access and the license has been assigned to you.

Do your migration as expected, and you can jump deactivation if you havce permanent license :).

then go to your e-service myl licenses:

do the upgrade of the license (click on the small key to open the license and there on the actions you will find one action called Upgrade). Remember to upgrade your UEM voucher too if the voucher is not associated to the license. they will ask an deactivation/activation code that you can jump, if you have a permanent license.

The once you do your migration tool and you have your server running import the license from the community

I hope it helps

upps I've taken too much time to post my awnser Kyle has already replyed 🙂

Do your migration as expected, and you can jump deactivation if you have permanent license :).

My question: Not sure what jump to deactivation means. So to clairify I need to deactivate the license before the migration? Then using the e-service portal to upgrade to 6.2? The license portal has UEM set to true so does this mean it is associate with the license? So all I need to do is upgrade to 6.2 after deactivation the license?

Correct, you will have to re-add your UEM vouchers and there should be an option to upgrade that from 6.1 to 6.2 as well.

Will the 6.2 upgrade require a agent restart and application restart to update?

Yes however that can come later as 6.2 can still collect data from 6.1 agents. So plan on restarting them soon but you can do that during your regular matainence window if you have one.

Hey Kyle is it possible for me to stage this before the migration? Install 6.2 with 6.1 still running and run the upgrade to get the latest version? So all that would be left would be the dtmigration and connecting to performance warehouse and session storage and license? Can i do this also on the collectors also?

I'm not entirely sure maybe @Andreas Grabner would know more

Hi, yes, you can have parallel instances but keeping parallel folders, parallel collectors, running on different tcp ports.

You can have collector6.1 running and listening on tcp port 9998 and then collector6.2 listening on tcp port 9xyz

But if you can back up the original 6.1 structure, back up/export the original System Profiles and settings/sensors (verify additional sensors, etc...are there after the export). You are pretty safe to use dtmigration tool without much risk.

Hope this helps,

My 6.1 production environment will be migrated this weekend can someone verify that my instruction are right?

Deactivate the license on 6.1 production server
and use the eservice go to the production edition that is currently active on
the eservice site then click upgrade and use the deactivation code from the
server found in the “
dt root\server\conf\dtactivation.txt” will this also get
all the UEM license upgrade and I can just import the new license in 6.2?

I'm not sure if it will remind you to do this, but in order to avoid any hassle with the UEM volumes you should deactivate the UEM vouchers prior to deactivating the license on the server (make sure they're again available in eservices) and then after upgrading your license and activating it on the server you can add those volumes again.



Usually I carry out two separate processes, one for the Perm Licenses, one for the UEM voucher.

So you will need to upgrade your original (6.1) license, providing the de-activation code. Once there you'll receive the 6.2 license set, ready to be used. Having Internet connection from DTServer makes things easier. Please make sure the licenses are assigned to your e-mail address.

The UEM voucher upgrade may be a little harder.

BUT there is a very comprehensive guide here for the migration, please verify the requirement, there are some minor, yet interesting changes and things to consider:

Hope this helps,