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Migration from version 5 to 7 - best practises.


I wanna migrate AppMon server from version 5 to 7. Can I use migration tool for that?
If I do an export system profile on the old server and import that on new server should I expect any problems (or lack of new functionality for example)?
Same question for dashboards.


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Łukasz,

Yes, you may use the migration tool to perform this. However, you will not be able to perform a direct upgrade to version 7.x. First, you will need to upgrade to version 6.5 as an intermediary step. From:

  • This guide applies if you want to upgrade or migrate to version 2017 May (7.0) or 2018 April (7.1) and higher. For older versions see the documentation of that respective version.
  • For AppMon 6.2 and later, a direct upgrade is possible.
  • For AppMon 6.1 and earlier, you must migrate to 6.5 first. See the 6.5 Documentation for instructions.

Are you aware that AppMon will reach end-of-support by March 31, 2021? Have you considered to upgrade to the new Dynatrace Platform instead of going through this effort to upgrade your existing AppMon? Please review the AppMon upgrade to Dynatrace FAQ.

If you still wish to upgrade AppMon versions only, please follow the migration guide.

Andrew M.

Andrew M.