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Missing data on all DynaTrace Charts. All connections appear healthy and web servers are containtly taking in traffic. [pic attached]



We are seeing large gaps of missing graph data . Upon looking at the purepaths, we noticed that we were seeing very high Duration times for almost every transaction. Initially, we thought the site was experiencing significant slowdown, however we verified that each webserver is functioning correctly and that dynatrace was incorrectly showing missing chart data.

We still have ample amount of storage space for session data and the performance warehouse.

We have over 30 gigs ram dedicated

When we restart the collector, we would get roughly 10-20 minutes worth of data, then will stop receiving data. Second graph shows this behavior - red arrows indicate when I restarted the collector and once restarted, received some purepath information.


I don't see any issues with the database connection. Also, all the connections to the agents are operational.


Dynatrace Helper
Dynatrace Helper

This sounds like a problem with the Class Cache on the Collector. You should log a ticket with the Support team to confirm the origin of the issue. They also have a number of configuration settings that they can suggest to fix this.

Here is the link to open the Ticket.