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Mobile ADK compatibility with Dynatrace fixpacks


I was not able to find a specific statement anywhere on the mobile ADK version compatibility with Dynatrace fixpack versions. We are currently on but the mobile ADK is which does not match up with a fixpack.

  1. Is there a list that we can see which fixpacks mobile ADKs are compatible with? Is it tied to version, so 6.1.x.xxxx of any type will work with any fixpack?
  2. I see in the 6.2 upgrade and migration documents they state to add the new mobile ADK version to the app then and rebuild. Will this break the Dynatrace instrumentation until the new app is built and deployed?

Hi Jared,

1. 6.1.x.xxxx server side is compatible with all 6.1.x.xxxx mobile ADKs. There was a bug in the protocol that impacted specific builds from 6.0 and therefore we highly recommend to use the latest downloadable version of the ADK in order to not run into this issue.

2. Since mobile is always changing fast we highly recommend to upgrade the mobile ADK to the latest version possible as soon as you have the server side upgraded. As you know upgrading a mobile App requires an app deployment into the app stores and you probably have an regular update cycle that you should leverage to push the latest version of our agent.

Cheers Klaus

A bit off-topic but would 6.2 adk work with 6.1 DT server?

Does not work.

What about backwards compatibility? There is almost guaranteed to be native apps out there where endusers dont upgrade. So if we instrument with 6.1 ADK and use 6.2 DT server that is also a no-go?

Old ADK with newer server is fine!