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Mobile App monitoring



We have a Java application which has a mobile App too configured on the same application server, Can someone help me understand how to configure monitoring here?



Hi @Mayuresh A.,

Kindly check details from the below links for Android App Monitoring:

In case you have already checked these and you are facing any specific issue , please feel free toa sk further.

please also confirm if you are looking to monitor the App from appmon or DT SAAS/managed ?


Himanshu Mor

hi @Himanshu M. Thanks for the links. Both the links are to configure user experience. Does it mean I don't have to install any agent at application level?

Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Mayuresh, You can monitor a native mobile app without having an agent in the backend. However of course the depth of understanding the application behavior would be limited, as you would then not be able to understand WHY native mobile app calls to the backend take as long as they do.

To monitor a native mobile app, you'll still need a place for the native mobile app beacon to be delivered. Normally this is directly back to the same endpoint that the mobile app is talking to, however you can redirect it to another location if needed, such as a standalone Apache instance that has a WebServer agent injected. Of course the only mobile app traffic that would go to this endpoint would be the beaons coming from the AppMon agent that was injected into your native mobile app. To make this work, take a look at the optional parameters that you can specify and there is one for the URL. This would be something like, then put the AppMon WebServer agent into the frontend of wherever terminates.