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Mobile Application by ADK detection


"Application defined by ADK" is not working anymore. We want to define a new Hybrid application and just added the Mobile ADK (IOS) to the App. All seem to be working as we enabled FINE debugging and saw this "beacon" call to the backend.

We did not define this App at first since I thought that it would be automatically detected (Application defined by ADK). However it was not created automatically. Note that UEM is disabled for Default Application and we can not change this as we need control over where we inject and where not.

Logically the result of the call above is: "type=m&cp=0"
I assume this means that capturing is off.

So, I defined the new "My New App" as User Defined Application. ( URI/AppId equals My New App )
And I enabled UEM for this app. But still the request above gives the same cp=0 result.

We tested this via a get request via the browser offcourse. But when I change the request above and give an existing web application as app parameter. (app=Exisiting%20App) it does give me:

Just to test we changed the appId inside the plist files to "Existing App" and then it works.

I don't see it anymore.



Found it. The drop down Capturing Restricted was set on "Only Allow the following IPs" while the table with IP's was empty.