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Mobile Device Name measures


Is there a way to setup a measure to count visits per mobile device? I do not see anything in out of box or create measure options.



Hi Jared,

In User Action or Visit based BTs you can use the measure type "Visits - Client Type" in the splitting for this information. Setting it to Detail Level "Family" will use the brand (Samsung, Apple), and setting it to Version will use the model (iPhone 6, Galaxy s5).

There is actually an out-of-the-box Business Transaction doing this already called "Mobile Actions by Client Family" you can use or re-create to fit your needs, located in the "Built-in" category.

Hope that helps,

Rick B

I saw these, I think I am missing how to do the "Detail Level" portion of this you mention, I can only see it give me the option for family.

The Visits - Client Type measure doesn't give you the model.

I think what @Rick referring to is Mobile App visits. I believe we can grab the Mobile Device Type from the OS instrumentation.