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Mobile IOS manual setup script

Hi guys

Customer is Instrument a manual setup as described:

The last step is running the follows script:

The question is why its looping all the frameworks and not only dynatrace?

Is there any explanation for this?

Thanks in advance



I think it can be because of instrumenting not only your code but frameworks as well.


Hi @sebastian k. thanks for your replay

That was my first impression too but when shre it with developers the answer was "what’s the connection”

As our knowledges here are limited we need answer from someone how know


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

This script snippet is a workaround for a bug that can be found in some Xcode versions or build configurations. On the build for AppStore Connect upload the simulator binaries where not removed which lead to an upload failure. This script removes the simulator binaries to avoid that problem. It also takes care of other frameworks that might have the problem to fix all in one blow.

If AppStore Connect upload works for the customer without that script then they don't need it at all.

For reference, it is a solution for this problem:

Hi @Patrick H. great answer !

Think it will be useful to add this explanation to documentation

Thanks a lot