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Monitor for drop in Traffic Volume


Is there a way to create a Monitor for Dynatrace agents to trigger an email alert when there is a sudden drop in traffic? This is what I am trying to achieve: Java/.Net agent is configured in Production for application which is processing majority of the requests between 6am to 6pm. If there is sudden drop in traffic, lets say by 50%, the tool should send an email alert. Is it possible to achieve this functionality with Dynatrace tool?


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Business transactions can be created that create baselines for things like response time, failure rate, and throughput but unfortunately the throughput measure is not something that can actually be alerted upon and that is what would be needed to watch for percentage changes.

As it is I expect the only option is to either use a business transaction response time, or standard PurePath response time with the 'count' aggregation (this is the count of PurePaths as opposed to being the response time and the threshold you set should reflect this) with a set lower threshold (but this would have to be static) and you can build an incident around this. Then you can get an alerts when fewer than X transactions have occurred in a specified timeframe.

I would look for if there are any existing RFEs/ideas in the AppMon and UEM Ideas forums around this and if not then you can post this as I definitely see the use case.


Thanks James, I will play with Transaction counts and see if it works. Attached is the example which I am trying to capture through Dynatrace tool to send an email alert. If you see, there was a drop in traffic for half an hour and we can see that through passing transactions. I am trying to configure something in drop-in-passing-transactions.pngthe tool which can trigger an alert to capture this event.

Yeah, ideally using the smart baseline for a BT would make the most sense, but this isn't available as given above.

So, your best bet is going to be using a transaction count floor alert. @James K. has described how to do this. You can chart this based on agent, and the alert will fire on a per agent basis if you calculate per agent.