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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Monitor specific process availability


Hello All,


I'm trying to do something fairly straightforward, with no luck.

We have a few agents that we want to monitor the process they are instrumenting in terms of availability.

So yes, we have the "process application unavailable" incident, which is exactly what we want - only we want it for the specific group of agents we are interested in, and not all the agents in the profile.

The goal is to have a tile in a dashboard that displays an incident only when certain agents trigger the "process application unavailable", so the incident would be relevant and display the name of the process/agent.


Searched the forums only to find some similar questions with no solution.

Maybe someone has one?


Thank you,




DynaMight Leader
DynaMight Leader

There is availability measure:

It will work similar to default incident measure. But you can filter it by agent group:

You can pick which agent group should be considered by measure. I suggest creating measures for each Agent group Separately. Then you can create Incident based on each measure. If you will have all Incidents, put on your Dashboard traffic lite charts or Incident Charts. You will have exactly what you need. Remember about setting proper thresholds (screen one).


Thank you @sebastian k.

I actually set up a measure of that kind, but still i'm not sure what to do about the Thresholds - do i set a min threshold of the number of connected agents? i'm not sure how to approach this (i put the measure of a chart to try and figure it out, but got numbers that don't mean much).

Yes you will have lower value as number of connected agent to process groups. If by default you should have 4 agents set it as 3. If metric will go down to 3 for lower severe alert should be raised.


Sounds right - thank you.

Tested it and it works after your explanation.

only thing - when the incident is triggered the alert triggers on all the agents in the agent group. for example - if there are 6 agents, and the min lower threshold is 5, and one agent got disconnected, i see the alert triggered on all 6 agents. any way to show only the relevant agent?

Thank you again,


There is no filter more granulate that agent group. So unfortunatelly you will know only on which agent group there was agent disconnection, not which particular agents. After this you have to go to agents overview and show there offline agents to know which one.

Got it. ok - thank you @sebastian k. that helped a lot.