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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Monitor web-service availability


We have a requirement to monitor web-services availability. Please help us on how to create alerts when the web-service is not available with steps.




DynaMight Leader
DynaMight Leader

Hello Srinivas,

The URL Monitor provides a convenient and easy way to monitor availability and performance-related data for a specific HTTP URL. It supports authentication, proxies, and redirection. Rudimentary verification of returned HTTP content is available.



Thank you Babar


Are you looking for to monitor the web service or web request. Go through this link if you want to know the difference

For Web Requests monitoring, you can create a incident and add measures HTTP 5xx Response (internal) and HTTP 5xx Response on Transaction Entry to the conditions with the Logic or.


2) Edit the Measure and provide the value 5 in below highlighted field which considers the response codes starts with 5 and if you want to add specific URI to this measure add the same

select occurrence as Evaluation and Ocurence on purepath as all and give the desired threshold

for eg, if one of the URI gets response code 5xx it will trigger alert or for 10 URI..

Repeat the above process for other measure as well.

Note: if you want to add multiple URI then you need to create multiple measures by changing the measure name and provide the URI in the provided field



Thank you so much Ravi for detailed explanation.

Hi Ravi

Actually, we need to monitor web-services (some SAP Interfaces, eg., order creation, order history etc.,) only. Customer is expecting us to monitor availability of the web-service, response time and an alert if the service is down.

Please give me steps how to achieved this, in the same way you explained for web requests.

Thanks in advance


you can use same steps as mentioned above. As web service also throws the HTTP 5xx errors also create 404 Error measure as well for resource not available if you required.