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Monitored Business Transactions and agent splitting

I have a business transaction that filters on a specificURi and splits the results by Application. I then open the Monitored Business Transaction dialog, select this business transaction and finally see it in the Application Overview dashboard.

When I then add the out-of-the-box `Agent` splitting measure to the same business transaction, I get a business transaction with 2 splittings : Application and Agent. However, the business transaction is greyed out and can no longer be selected from the Monitored Business Transaction form.

Does this mean a business transaction with Agent splitting doesn`t work in the Application Overview dashboard, please?



What the guideline says is that business transactions can be monitored only if they are split by Application and not more than one a.... However, it doesn`t say if the additional splitting can`t be based on an Agent measure.

The Monitoring Dashboard only allows BTs that Split by Application and one additional Measure that can also be split by App. Thats the limitation. If the Split Measure doesnt split by app we wouldnt know under which app to group it under

If this is confusing in the doc we should probably fix it!

The documentation was updated to reflect what this thread is saying. Thanks a lot, Ingo and Andy for your commitment on this.

Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Can you provide what exact version you are on? And also does the BT appear to be working normally outside of the application overview (everything showing up as expected)?

Hi James, thanks for your reply. We're using AM 6.2. I didn't check if the BT was being split by agent but you'll agree with me that if the GUI allowed me to add the Agent splitting measure the BT is supposed to work. I will check it right away and get back to you on this point.

Hi - We can`t use any BTs that split by Agent in the Application Oveview dashboard. Please, see the picture below :

The guideline says that `Business Transactions can be monitored only if they are split by Application and not more than one additional Splitting`.

I would add that `All those Business Transactions whose splitting is based on agents can`t be monitored and used in the Application Overview`.


Hey Andy, my understanding is that they're going to update the documentation.

thanks for the update