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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Monitoring TIBCO BW


Hi Community,

I need to monitor the TIBCO BW server could you please suggest me the way i can do so cause i have never worked on TIBCO.

Need guidance

Thanks in Advance


Community Team
Community Team

Hi Rishabh,

Is this what you're looking for: Dynatrace with TIBCO BusinessWorks?

Here you can read more about process groups and how to detect them:
- What are process groups

- Can I customize how process groups are detected?

I hope this will help at least a little bit, until you get the direct answer from one of Dynatrace experts 🙂


Keep calm and build Community!


Hi Rishabh,

Which product you are using to monitor Tibco BW? AppMon or Dynatrace?

If AppMon, you need to deploy appmon agent in Tibco BW server and you have to integrate appmon agent with the Tibco BW config file of the respective service you are looking for, it's like how you integrate the other java process by giving agent name, collector ip and port. Then as part of service startup you can see that agent in AppMon.

If Dynatrace, you need to deploy Dynatrace OneAgent into the Tibco BW server and it automatically detects all the process running in that server, do process restart after deploying oneagent to gain deep visibility.

Hope this helps.



Hi @Muthukumar P.

I am using appmon7.

all i want is that the Message Queues should come under the same purepath not as a different entity(Purepath) is there any configuration that i need to implement for getting that under the same purepaths.

I have set the message queues to Active.

Thanks in Advance for helping

Have you enabled the "Tibco Messaging check box in Sensor Placement" in your Agent Group for Tibco?

Hi @Muthukumar P.

I have already placed the sensor on the TIBCO Messaging and the other in order to capture the data coming from any of them

Hi Rishabh,

I'm sorry, I hope apart from this I don't think we have any other configuration to be changed. Request you to check with your guardian (if available) or you can raise a support ticket which may help you to solve this.